CAPRE offers person-centered solutions and support to individuals labeled as having an intellectual disability, who wish to operate a business.

Our model of supported enterprise in­volves various stages, beginning with an intake and information-gathering proc­ess – getting to know the person – followed by detailed busi­ness opportunity identifi­cation, leading to for­mation of person-centered support circles and provision of on­going business planning and support.

A support circle typically includes a par­ticipant, a parent, guardian or advo­cate, a CAPRE qualified support worker, a business mentor, and others who wish to lend support.

CAPRE helps develop and nurture sup­port circles for individuals.  Each support circle collaborates with each individual to help them develop and grow their own busi­ness.

The long-term aim for each business en­ter­prise is to become self-sustaining, financially viable, and largely independ­ent of CAPRE.