Murf Makes It

What Murf Makes

Bird Treats
Murf’s bird treats are a fan favourite amongst flying visitors. They are available in a variety of shapes and can be made to hang in a tree or put in a cage to keep the critters away! Murf’s custom bird treats are suet free and are sure to be a hit in your backyard!

Fire Logs
Tired of your fires going out? Murf has the solution! Murf’s fire logs are made with completely recycled materials. The logs are made out of shredded paper provided by MC Shredding Co.. The logs are completely eco-friendly and waste free!

About Murf

Mike is a caring guy who is always trying to make people laugh.

He loves the work he does and works hard to grow his business. Mike lives with a traumatic brain injury but he refuses to let that slow him down!

Mike loves talking to people and has a kind heart that can flip anyone’s frown upside-down!

Murf Makes It
Site 1 – 8736 Commercial Street
New Minas, NS
B4N 3C5

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