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Our History


Our mission is to support the realization of personal potential for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities through person-centered planning, social enterprise, innovation, partnership and community engagement.  Please support our work.

CAPRE began in Canning Nova Scotia with four Mothers who had big dreams for their children.

Their children needed meaningful employment with full participation in community life. 

In 1995 CAPRE first business, KATS (Krista’s Around the Town Services), was created. Followed in 1999 by Leah’s Clean and Green Laundry. Other businesses have followed.

In 2018, CAPRE  branched out from a parent run organization to a policy board of directors and began to look at services and programs that could meet the needs of more people. Programs for retirees, support for complex needs, barriers to employment and respite opportunities. CAPRE has successfully transitioned into the operation of collaboratively run small social enterprises. We pride ourselves on striving to meet the needs of the people that we serve and offer programs and services that help people reach their goals and be a part of their Community.