Our Mission

Our mission is to support the realization of personal potential for individuals with intellectual disabilities through person-centered planning, entrepreneurship, innovation, partnership and community engagement.  Please support our work.


REAL Enterprise

A REAL Enterprise is a business that helps everyone be the best person they can be.  CAPRE supports individuals who have been labelled with an Intellectual Disability to set up and run their own businesses.  By creating a person-centered approach to enterprise, we celebrate the inherent dignity and value of each person and their potential to be a legitimate contributor to society.  The staff, the family and other volunteers work together to help the individual identify a product or service they would like to provide to the community.  On-going support for the business is given by the Executive Director and the Business Planning Team.  With the aid of a personal Support Worker/Business Coach, the individual develops stronger social, physical and entrepreneurial skills.   

-Here is an inspiring short story about how founding member, Lee VanAmerongen, is supported to run his own business in the Village of Canning, Nova Scotia. It was written and narrated by Seward Brian Bruce, who himself struggles with physical and intellectual challenges.