Social Enterprises & Entrepreneurship

CAPRE offers person-centered solutions and support to individuals labeled as having an intellectual disability. We operate small Social Enterprises such as laundry services, confidential shredding services and a recycling program. We provide life skills workshops and training, pre employment workshops and training as well as offer social, leisure and recreational opportunities.

We also continue to support entrepreneurs running their own business, these businesses include Mr B’s Makery, Sew Jenny and ATT Creations. The long-term aim for each business en­ter­prise is to become self-sustaining, financially viable, and largely independ­ent of CAPRE if that is what the person would like to do. Some businesses wish to remain supported by CAPRE.

The Social Enterprise work is done collaboratively by the people that we support. Revenues generated help cover the enterprise costs, operational costs, fund recreational, social and leisure opportunities as well as our weekly lunch program. Our lunch program gives people the opportunity to learn to budget, meal plan, shop, meal prep and cook. 

Our model of supported enterprise in­volves various stages, beginning with an intake and information gathering proc­ess, getting to know the person, learning about their goals and future plans and then we decide together if the services we offer can help you realize your goals. If we agree that we are a good fit we begin by devising an Individual Program Plan, form person-centered support circles and provide ongoing support.

CAPRE helps develop and nurture sup­port circles for individuals.  Each support circle collaborates with each individual to help them reach their goals. Support circles can include family, friends, advocates or anyone you choose.