Walt’s Laundry Service


Walt’s Laundry Service Options

Option 1: Hakuna Matata
It means no worries! This hassle free option will get your laundry done without moving amuscle. Have Nathan come to your home or business to:

Pick-up, Wash, Dry, Fold, and then Delivery your laundry. 

                                    Option 2: Snow White
                                    Bring Dopey’s, Sleepy’s, Sneezy’s, Grumpy’s,Bashful’s,            
                                    Happy’s, and Doc’s laundry to Nathan and he will:
                                    Wash, Dry, & Fold the lot!                                                   

Option 3: One Dalmatian at a Time
Need 101 sheets washed but at different times? Have Nathan:

Wash, Dry, & Fold a sheet at a time!



About Nathan 

Nathan is a genuine, passionate, easy-going entrepreneur with a passion for life and all things that come with it!

He loves laundry and he takes pride in the work he does.

Nathan also has a love for all things Disney and has all of the movies to show for it.

Walt’s Laundry Service
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