Welcome Our New Executive Director!

CAPRE’s Board of Directors is happy to introduce you to  Kate Trevors.    

Several well qualified people competed for this job all with different strengths and abilities. Kate has exceptional business management experience and was Executive Director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Grande Prairie, Alberta.     We asked all candidates to look at our web site, find out about us, and tell us what REAL Enterprise means to them and how they can help us in 250 words or less.   Kate clinched it with the following words:

REAL Enterprise means Purpose, Challenge, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Organization and Hope.

Purpose: Develop the business plan that will ensure individual success. Create a business plan that will allow the individual to reach their personal level of success working with their Support Person hands on developing new skills along the way. While the purpose of most business is to amass money – Real Enterprise has a greater purpose – to provide a business that showcases the talents of individual. The individual can prove to themselves and their community that they are a contributing member of this society. The talents are transformed into an entrepreneurial adventure that will provide an income and a reason for others to step up and take notice that good things are made and done here.

Challenge: To remain in business and work the business plan using creative marketing techniques and community solutions that will lift the business to a new level – promoting and challenging both the entrepreneur and the community to find new ways to make the business and its success a public celebration of what can be achieved by working together.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Working on one’s own business provides a sense of pride, a sense of “CAN DO” attitude. By creating a business that is self promoting, self sustaining and supported by the work of many an individual feeds their inner spirit and is accomplished. Self confidence grows and is shared with others.

Organization: It takes a village and a support team to create the environment. The team is an important part of the success by providing the financial backing and the individual attention needed follow up on plans made and to celebrate successes and milestones. Building community partnerships is key to Real Enterprise.

Hope: Perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle – By providing hope to individuals it is creating the foundation for life. Where there is hope – nothing is impossible.

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