What is an “Anchor Person”?

The key to any successful business is an “anchor” person.    This is a person who loves where they live and wants to be a part of their community.   These are the people who have great potential but it may not always be obvious at first.    Every community has a number of these “anchor” people.   Brendon Purdy-Smith is one example.   CAPRE has been able to match him with a “Business Support Worker” who helps him market and develop products that people love to buy as gifts.   His business has a “volunteer business planning team” that is made up of caring individuals from his community.   The result is a REAL Enterprise that has the potential to prosper just like any other business.   But this is a business that really makes a positive difference not only to Brendon, but to all the people who help him and all the people who do business with him.   Check out his business page.  Mr. B’s Tees   

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